The Empowerment Recovery Academy (ERA) is an intensive 32-week program designed to teach young people how to empower themselves and become more effective and experienced leaders. This program helps young people reach their existing goals and identify new ones using ERA leadership skills and techniques.

"Through ERA I got to meet new people and grow with them, and I think that's what makes the experience worth it, is knowing that you're not growing alone, you're growing as a group together.  Join ERA today!"

-Angie Dedrick, Medford

"ERA has given me a positive place where I feel empowered to change my life and to change others lives.  And it has also given me inspiration to take care of myself.  When I wake up in the morning and know I have ERA it helps me to re-align my self care with what I really want.  ERA has also helped me to gain skills to be a better person and not be one-sided.  I hope that through me going through the ERA program that I can help others be empowered to change their lives and maybe then we can change the community around us."

-Kimberly A Brown, Medford


ERA is currently meeting Tuesdays at 6pm - 8pm

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The Character Academy is a six-month program exclusive to the Medford Drop that focuses on teaching young adults about computer literacy and coding technology. This program aims to create significant change in the lives of young adults who feel disconnected from the formal education system by offering them a young adult focused entry point into the workforce.


The Character Academy is currently meeting every other Thursday at 6pm

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Character Academy please contact our Regional Director, Lauren Conn 

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“I feel this class opens up a lot of possibilities to future careers” 
-Curtis Wallen