Spencer Hull Youth Peer Support Specialist 503.758.8154 l  spencer@youthmoveoregon.com 345 N Bartlett St.  Medford, OR 97501

Spencer Hull
Youth Peer Support Specialist
503.758.8154 l  spencer@youthmoveoregon.com
345 N Bartlett St.  Medford, OR 97501

Spencer was born and raised in Southern Oregon. He grew up in a relatively stable home but faced plenty of adversity. He was bullied throughout middle school and into high school for being overweight. In middle school, Spencer started using drugs and alcohol to cope with his emotions. By the age of sixteen, he was using Heroin and Methamphetamine; drugs which would eventually send him into a downward spiral. By seventeen, Spencer had been kicked out of his home and was living on the streets. Homeless, broken, and stealing to fund his addiction, Spencer decided that he had to do something. At eighteen, he checked himself into rehab and got clean. However, after a period of staying clean, Spencer relapsed. This cycle continued for some time until he finally realized that he was going to die if something didn’t change. At the age of twenty-one, he checked himself into rehab one final time.

Now, Spencer has close to two years clean under his belt and cherishes each day. He has found solitude in meditation, the rooms of AA, and living with faith in a higher power. Spencer continues to stay involved in recovery-based activities and is an advocate for healthy living. He has repaired many broken relationships including those with his family and has made amends with many people. Through his numerous stays in rehabs, his time spent homeless, and the mental health struggles he faced growing up, Spencer has come to the realization that it is his purpose in life to help those in need and carry the message to those who suffer that there is another way to live.

Spencer enjoys spending time with his family, taking his niece to the park, and hanging out with his fat cat "Tinies." He is also an avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers and loves to play football with his friends.