Clackamas County has announced that they will be honoring Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon’s (YMO) Amanda Willard, with the 2017 Super Heart Hero Award on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The award is given to peers who have performed extraordinary work in their community.

Amanda had to face many challenges growing up. She eventually made her way to YMO's "Clackamas Drop" and started utilizing the many services that were available to her.  Due to her incredible work ethic and determination, Amanda was able to graduate high school and find a job as a youth peer support specialist at the Clackamas Drop. At the same time, she started attending college classes as a single mother and recently completed her first year. She is passionate about helping others and is hopeful that her story will continue to inspire other teen and young adult parents to never give up and always strive for success.

One youth who regularly engages with Amanda at the Clackamas Drop describes her as "compassionate, funny, and caring" and explains that "she [Amanda] can really relate to the way I’m thinking because of how close she is to my age.”

YMO staff recognize Amanda's true talent for peer work, especially when it comes to youth engagement. She always takes the time to build rapport and foster trusting relationships with the young people that come into the drop-in center. She displays a natural sensitivity to people's needs and authentic interest in their individual stories and backgrounds. She approaches every problem she faces with thoughtfulness and takes the time to listen to the youth and help them come up with practical solutions.

Amanda's skills and experience are not only tremendous assets to the YMO team, but they are also great gifts to our community. Join YMO in celebrating Amanda Willard’s Clackamas County 2017 Super Heart Hero Award!