YMO panels help our communities better understand transition-aged young adult experiences. Our diverse youth/young-adult-led panels provide rich, thought-provoking discussion and an opportunity for care providers, about the people they serve from the youth/young adults themselves.

Panel Speakers

Speakers: YMO trains each panel speaker for every presentation and provides them with support afterwards. We work hard to find panelists who represent the diversity of the communities we serve and the youth-serving systems we navigate. Our young adult panelists have varied lived experiences, including personal experiences with systems of care that make them better equipped to provide feedback and insight into system navigation and youth/young adult transitions.

Panel Options

From Incarceration to Recovery!

Hear from young adults who have been through the justice system and remained resilient as they’ve tackled the challenges on their path to successful recovery. Panelists will share their stories, discuss what services and support systems they found useful, and offer advice to service providers and community members looking to better serve this population.


STIGMA: What’s True and What’s Not?

Hear from young adults who are affected by stigma relating to their system experience (mental health, foster care, etc). Panelists will speak openly and honestly about their experiences


Experiences in Residential Treatment

Hear from young adults about their experiences receiving higher-level care in a residential setting. Panelists will suggest areas for improvement, identify opportunities for change, and inspire continued growth within residential treatment programs.


Experiences with Wraparound: Does it Make a Difference?

Hear from young adults and their wraparound youth partners about the Wraparound support model. Panelists will discuss the programs successes and its impact on young adult lives.


To Recovery and Beyond!

Hear from young adults who have navigated a path to sobriety and recovery. Panelists will discuss about how they decided to get sober, what they needed on their path, which services and supports were useful and, which could use improvement. They will offer advice to family members, community members, and youth-serving agencies connected to these topics. 


Medications or Not?

Hear from young adults who have made the decision whether or not to use psychotropic medications. Panelists will discuss the statistics, the options, and the most efficient way for mental health professionals and young people to make a collaborative decision in the best interest of the youth/young adult.


Customize Your Own Panel

If you aren’t quite seeing what you need or would like in our panel selections, we are happy to work with you to create a panel that is specifically catered to your needs and interests.


Q: I’m interested in customizing a YMO panel, who should I contact?

A: To get started customizing your training today, contact the Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon state office.