Todd Taylor
Statewide Wraparound Director

Contact our Statewide Wraparound Director, Todd Taylor to setup a meeting or find out more information. You can text/call him at 458.210.8495 or send her an email [email protected]


We are committed to helping young adults ages 14-25, to empower themselves and successfully transition into adulthood through their participation in the Wraparound process. Wraparound is a team-based planning and problem-solving process used to help young adults and their families face and overcome the challenges in their lives.  The process begins by first helping the young adult identify their own strengths and needs and then helping create a plan that will allow them to use those strengths and natural supports to meet their needs.

Our Wraparound youth partners work with the youth/young adult to prepare them for each Wraparound team meeting. The Wraparound youth partner is key to ensuring high fidelity within the Wraparound process.  The Wraparound process always remains consistent, it is: young adult-driven, family-driven, strengths-based and solution-focused.

Washington County services are delivered by YMO with support from Health Share of Oregon

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