YMO Trainings

All YMO trainings are led by specially trained staff members and occasionally feature guest speakers and/or youth/young adult representatives. Trainings include activities, presentations, and hands-on practice dealing with hypothetical situations. Every YMO training goes through an evaluation process in order to gauge its effectiveness. We foster ongoing relationships with those who receive our trainings in order to get a better idea of the training’s impact on youth/young adults long-term.


Youth as Policy Partners (YPx3) is a challenging but exceptional four-hour training that discusses how to develop successful collaboration with youth/young adults. This training is geared towards those interested in including youth/young adult voices on their boards, committees, and other decision making bodies. This training requires a minimum of 50% youth/young adults and 50% youth/young adult allies.

The Helix Effect

The Helix Effect is a four-hour training that explores how community partners and professionals can better collaborate with youth/young adults and empower youth/young adult voice in policy planning and decision-making conversations. This training customizes the core concepts from our YPx3 training to fit an audience with an adult ally majority. The training includes activities and conversations surrounding oppression within youth/young adult populations. We discuss how to reduce and confront oppression, stigma and discrimination that many youth/young adults and young adult service providers face. We emphasize ways to break down the barriers between youth/young adults and adult professionals and introduce the "Hart’s Ladder of Youth Voice" and explain how to use it when evaluating the effectiveness of their youth/young adult interactions. This training can be customized for any number of attendees.

Peer Support: From Question Marks to Explanations

Peer Support: From Question Marks to Explanations is about answering the questions surrounding peer support: what it is, who it helps, why it’s necessary, and how to integrate it into existing/future programing. This training focuses on how to provide direct support services to “the ones between”: those who are system involved but have been neglected by traditional support services within those systems. Explores how to effectively engage system weary youth/young adults via peer support.

PDS Foundations

PDS Foundations is a forty-hour OHA approved training for peer support specialists specifically tailored to fit the needs of youth/young adult peer support providers. This training enables peer support providers to register with the state as certified peer support specialists. This training provides a well-rounded, uniform base of knowledge and covers a variety of support methods centered on the lived experiences of the peer. 

Training topics include (but are not limited to):

●      Trauma-informed care
●      Person-centered planning
●      Confidentiality
●      Mandatory reporting
●      Government and community resources
●      Grief
●      Suicide
●      Domestic violence
●      Sexual assault
●      History of the peer movement
●      Development of the peer profession
●      Youth developmental assets
●      Ethics and boundaries

Certificate of completion is given on graduation day.

Introduction to Peer Delivered Services

Introduction to Peer Delivered Services is a school-based peer support training. This school based approach delivers a large, expansive, informative presentation with integrated activities and a focused work group. We teach youth/young adults the importance of peer support within youth/young adult populations; when and how to provide effective and inclusive support to their peers. YMO has delivered the Introduction to Peer Delivered Services training to student groups ranging in size; from 50-500.

Coaching for Peer Support Specialists

Coaching for Peer Support Specialists is a training given by YMO peer support specialists to youth/young adults who are employed in youth-serving systems, agencies, and organizations across the state. Supervision of peer support providers includes internal and external coaching.

Shifting Professional Culture Towards Youth Driven Culture

Shifting Professional Culture Towards Youth Driven Culture explores one of YMO’s central goals. Too often we find that there is a disconnect between adult allies and youth/young adults resulting from outdated practices and outreach methods. This training teaches adult allies how to update their practices, services and general approach and finally bridge the gap between adult allies and youth/young adults.

Peer Support Specialists In the Residential Setting

The Peer Support Specialists in the Residential Setting training gives support providers the necessary tools to successfully provide effective support to youth/young adults within these settings. This training explores the methods and practices peer support specialists use in the residential setting. This training model is used at the community, state and national level.

Customized Trainings

What skills do you need to be a more successful advocate, supporter, or member of your community? We are able to customize any YMO training to fit your needs, as long as it falls under our expertise and is youth/young adult-driven!

These trainings might include:

●      How your organization can empower young people
●      How to implement peer-support services for youth/young adults in transition
●      Diversity and cultural competency
●      Young people and psychotropic medications


Q: I’m interested in customizing a YMO training, who should I contact?

A: To get started customizing your training today, contact the Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon state office.